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What has become a classic book on the analysis of verbal behavior and it’s application…
Greer, R. D., & Ross, D. E. (2008). Verbal Behavior Analysis: Inducing and expanding new verbal capabilities in children with language delays. Pearson Education (Allyn and Bacon): Boston, MA.

A review article by Esther Shafer on various ways to teach children and adults how to make requests
Shafer, E. (1994). A review of interventions to teach a mand repertoire. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 12, 53-66.

A textual and graphic tutorial on how to use the Standard Celeration Chart by Owen White and Malcolm Neely…
White, O.R., & Neely, M.D. (2012). The chart book: an overview of Standard Celeration Chart conventions and practices. Seattle: University of Washington, College of Education.

A description of the beginnings and elements of ‘Precision Teaching’

An informative video on the disadvantages of the ‘Core Vocabulary’ for learners with limited speaking repertoires…